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Issue Details

Issue #19
Published December 2009
Frequency Monthly
Cover Price 2.99 USD
Pages 36
Editing Bill Rosemann; Mike Horwitz (assistant); Rachel Pinnelas (assistant)
Notes U.S. on sale date: 2009-10-28. © 2009 Marvel Characters, Inc.

Cover Details - "Kang Conquers the Guardians of the Galaxy"

Characters Guardians of the Galaxy [Bug; Mantis]; Cosmo; Kang the Conqueror
Genre Superhero; Science Fiction
Pencils Alex Garner (painting; signed)
Inks Alex Garner (painting; signed)
Colors Alex Garner (painting; signed)
Letters typeset

1 page Guardians of the Galaxy recap "Recap"

Script Dan Abnett ?; Andy Lanning ?
Letters typeset
Notes Recap of story to date, creator credits, character listing and indicia.

22 page Guardians of the Galaxy story "Seconds Out"

Characters Guardians of the Galaxy [Adam Warlock (death); Bug; Drax [Arthur Douglas]; Gamora (death); Groot; Jack Flag [Jack Harrison]; Major Victory [Vance Astro] (death); Mantis (death); Martyr [Phyla-Vell] (death); Moondragon [Heather Douglas]; Rocket Raccoon; Star-Lord [Peter Quill]]; Cosmo (death); Starhawk; a Timekeeper; Kang the Conqueror (villain); Universal Church of Truth (villains); Magus (villain)
Synopsis Kang sends the misplaced Guardians back to their proper time so they can stop Adam from becoming the Magus. Before they can kill him, Magus kills Major Victory, Mantis, Martyr, Gamora and Cosmo.
Genre Superhero; Science Fiction
Script Dan Abnett; Andy Lanning
Pencils Wesley Craig
Inks Wesley Craig
Colors Nathan Fairbairn
Letters Joe Caramagna of Virtual Calligraphy [as VC's Joe Caramagna]