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Issue Details

Issue #611
Published January 2010
Cover Price 2.99 USD
Pages 36
Editing Stephen Wacker; Thomas Brennan (Assistant)

Cover Details

Characters Spider-Man; Deadpool
Synopsis There is a 2nd printing of this cover with the exact same cover image but instead of a Deadpool smiley face in DP's word balloon, he is saying, "See, Spidey? Everything was better in 1992" (the joke, of course, being that Spidey is outfitted in Cable's excessive guns, belts and pouches circa 1992).
Genre superhero
Pencils Skottie Young
Inks Skottie Young
Colors Skottie Young
Letters Typeset

1 page Spider-Man recap "Recap"

Synopsis Presents the recap as told by Marvel staff members (with accompanying photos).
Genre superhero
Pencils Skottie Young; Eric Canete; Photo
Inks Skottie Young; Eric Canete; Photo
Colors Skottie Young; Andres Mossa; Photo

22 page Spider-Man story "This Man, This Expletive Deleted"

Characters Spider-Man; GUESTS: Deadpool; Madame Web; VILLAINS: Lady Stilt-Man; Kraven [Ana Kravinoff]; Sasha Nikolaevich; CAMEOS: J. Jonah Jameson; Michele Gonzales; Arana; Eddie Brock [Anti-Venom]; Spider-Woman [Mattie Franklin]; Prostitutes dressed as Emma Frost; Mystique; Elektra; Madame Masque; Enchantress; Black Cat; Spider-Woman; Viper; Clea
Synopsis Spider-Man takes on the all-new, all-ludicrous Lady Stilt-Man; He gets a little unneeded assistance from everyone's favorite merc with a mouth but soon discovers that Deadpool has merely saved him from LSM so that he, Deadpool, can dispose of the web slinger himself; Deadpool has been hired by Ana Kravinoff and her mother to kill Spidey and their fast and furious battle ends in a deadly serious game of "the dozens" (for the uninitiated, "the dozens" is a time honored and highly ceremonial form of battle in which insults, usually concerning ones appearance, ones shoes, ones breath or ones mother, are traded back and forth until one opponent is reduced to a sniveling puddle of shame); Just as Deadpool is ready to deliver the fatal blow by unveiling "Yo Mammageddon," he is called off by kid Kraven and leaves a very confused Spidey wondering what the heck just happened; What the heck just happened is that DP was a diversion so that Ana could attack and capture Mattie Franklin, the Spider-Woman, without any interference.
Genre superhero
Script Joe Kelly
Pencils Eric Canete
Inks Eric Canete
Colors Andres Mossa
Letters Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Caramagna