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Issue Details

Issue #4
Published February 2010
Frequency Monthly
Cover Price 2.99 USD
Pages 36
Editing Mike Marts; Dan Didio; Janelle Siegel (assistant)
Notes U.S. on sale date: 2010-01-13. Copyright © 2010 DC Comics.

Cover Details - "Cover A"

Characters Batman [Bruce Wayne]; Joker
Genre Superhero
Pencils Bill Sienkiewicz (signed)
Inks Bill Sienkiewicz (signed)
Colors Bill Sienkiewicz (signed)

Cover Details - "Cover B - Variant Cover"

Characters Batman [Bruce Wayne]; Crazy Quilt [Paul Dekker]
Genre Superhero
Pencils Gene Ha
Inks Gene Ha
Colors Gene Ha
Notes 1:25 variant cover

24 page Batman story "The Widening Gyre, Part Four: The Centre Cannot Hold"

Characters Batman [Bruce Wayne]; Silver St. Cloud; Baphomet; Catwoman [Selina Kyle]; Robin [Tim Drake]; Nightwing [Dick Grayson; also as Robin] (flashback); The Outsiders [Black Lightning [Jefferson Pierce] (flashback); Geo-Force [Brion Markov] (flashback); Halo [Violet Harper] (flashback); Katana [Tatsu Yamashiro] (flashback); Metamorpho [Rex Mason] (flashback)]; Arvin Flemming (corpse); Crazy Quilt [Paul Dekker] (villain); Baron Bedlam [Baron Frederick DeLamb] (flashback; villain); Captain Stingaree [Karl Courtney] (cameo; flashback; villain); Cavalier [Mortimer Drake] (cameo; flashback; villain); Killer Moth [Drury Walker] (cameo; flashback; villain); Kite-Man [Chuck Brown] (cameo; flashback; villain); Masters of Disaster [Coldsnap [Darryl] (flashback; villain); Heastroke [Joanne] (flashback; villain); New Wave [Becky Jones] (flashback; villain); Shakedown (flashback; villain); Windfall [Wendy Jones] (flashback; villain)]
Genre Superhero
Script Kevin Smith
Pencils Walter Flanagan
Inks Art Thibert
Colors Art Lyon
Letters Jared K. Fletcher

1 page DC Nation promo (ad from the publisher) DC Nation [199]: ["This past November, five lucky students"]

Pencils ? (photos)
Inks ? (photos)
Colors ? (photos)
Letters typeset
Notes Photos of five students from Harvey Milk High School that got an all-access tour of the DC Comics offices.