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Issue Details

Issue #1
Published 2010
Cover Price 5.99 USD
Pages 72
Editing Joe Gentile (Editor-in-Chief); Lori G (Editorial); Dave Ulanski (Art Director)

Cover Details - "Cover A"

Characters Airboy; Valkyrie
Genre Adventure
Pencils Tom Grindberg (signed)
Inks Tom Grindberg (signed)
Colors Mark Roberts [as MR]

Cover Details - "Cover B"

Genre Adventure
Pencils Rob Schwager
Inks Rob Schwager
Colors Rob Schwager

1 page credits "Table of contents, masthead and indicia"

Letters Typeset
Notes Inside front cover.

10 page Airboy story "Iron Rain"

Characters Adolf Hitler; Hermann Goering; Airboy; Berenz; Roeder; Rakete-Truppen
Synopsis The Germans have a special squad, ready to take out Airboy.
Genre Adventure
Script Chuck Dixon
Pencils Sean McGuan
Inks Sean McGuan
Letters Bernie Lee

8 page Iron Ace story "Alien Invaders"

Characters Iron Ace
Genre Adventure
Script Mike Bullock
Pencils Kerry Talbot
Inks Kerry Talbot
Letters Josh Aitken

8 page Flying Fool story "The Flying Fool!"

Characters Flying Fool [Terry McGee]; Jack Bradshaw; Shangri-La Lawson; Happy Horace Holbroke
Synopsis After a fatal crash, young Terry has the ghost of his pilot friend for company. Grounded due to shrapnel lodged in his brain, he seeks the aid of inventor Holbroke to make him fly once more.
Genre Adventure
Script Tom DeFalco
Pencils Fernando Peniche
Inks Fernando Peniche
Letters Josh Aitken

8 page Flying Dutchman story "Once More into the Breach"

Characters Flying Dutchman; Christabel (voice only)
Synopsis In Nazi-occupied Holland, the stucka's rule the sky. That is, until the last remnant of the Dutch air force returns.
Genre Adventure; Occult
Script Joe Gentile
Pencils Giovanni Timpano
Inks Giovanni Timpano
Letters Bernie Lee

8 page Bald Eagle story "Fledgling"

Characters Bald Eagle [Alice Azure]
Synopsis When the original Bald Eagle is killed in action, Air Force command decides to put another in his costume, to escape a decline in moral amongst the pilots.
Genre Adventure
Script Jeff Limke
Pencils Sedat Özgen
Inks Sedat Özgen
Letters Josh Aitken

8 page Black Angel story "American troops thunder across the muddy..."

Characters Black Angel; Libby; Nigel
Synopsis During a bombardment of a British town, Black Angel saves some children from a parashooted German pilot.
Genre Adventure
Script Martin Powell
Pencils Ver Curtiss
Inks Ver Curtiss
Letters Josh Aitken

8 page SkyWolf story "Can you hear me, Judge?"

Characters SkyWolf; Judge; unnamed German officer
Synopsis Judge send SkyWolf to tackle a German flying saucer.
Genre Adventure
Script Len Kody
Pencils Oscar Celestini
Inks Oscar Celestini
Letters Josh Aitken
Notes The German officer, with his face half covered by a metal plate, looks familiar and may have appeared before.

8 page Captain Midnight story "Pyramid of Fear"

Characters Captain Midnight; Joyce; Fury Shark; Dietrich
Synopsis Midnight saves a girl from being a sacrificial lamb to a bunch of native priests who are working with German troops.
Genre Adventure
Script Christopher Mills
Pencils Rick Burchett
Inks Richard Clark (finishes)
Letters Christopher Mills