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Issue Details

Issue #205
Published March 1981
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.50 USD
Pages 36
Editing Bob Budiansky (Assistant Editor); Jim Salicrup (Editor); Jim Shooter (Editor-in-Chief)

Cover Details - "...And the Claw Shall Inherit the Earth!"

Characters the Avengers [the Vision]; the Yellow Claw
Genre superhero
Pencils Alan Kupperberg
Inks Dan Green

23 page The Avengers story "Shadow of the Claw!"

Characters the Avengers [the Beast; Captain America [Steve Rogers]; Iron Man [Tony Stark]; Jocasta; the Scarlet Witch; the Vision; the Wasp; Wonder Man]; Dr. William Liu; Edwin Jarvis; Shu Han (flashback); the Yellow Claw; his warriors [Bludgeoner; Compressor; Transformer]
Genre superhero
Script Bob Budiansky (plot); David Michelinie (script)
Pencils Alan Kupperberg
Inks Dan Green
Colors Ben Sean
Letters John Costanza

1 page The Human Torch; Hostess Cup Cakes advertisement "Blown About"

Characters the Human Torch; supersonic hair dryer girl
Genre superhero
Pencils Sal Buscema
Letters Irving Watanabe
Notes Comics ad for Hostess Cup Cakes from Continental Baking Company.