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Issue Details

Issue #26
Published June 2010
Frequency Monthly
Cover Price 2.99 USD
Pages 36
Editing Jeanine Schaefer; Jody LeHeup (assistant); Axel Alonso (executive editor); Nick Lowe (consulting editor)
Notes U.S. on sale date: 2010-04-28. © 2010 Marvel Characters, Inc.

Cover Details - "Second Coming Chapter 05; [Cover A]"

Characters Emma Frost [White Queen]; Hope
Genre Superhero
Pencils Adi Granov (signed)
Inks Adi Granov (signed)
Colors Adi Granov (signed)

Cover Details - "Cover B - Iron Man Variant Cover"

Characters Iron Man
Genre Superhero
Pencils Greg Horn (signed)
Inks Greg Horn (signed)
Colors Greg Horn (signed)

Cover Details - "Second Coming Chapter Five; [Cover C - Variant Cover]"

Characters Rogue [Anna Marie]; Bastion
Genre Superhero
Pencils David Finch
Inks Matt Banning
Colors Peter Steigerwald

Cover Details - "Second Coming Chapter Five; [Cover D - Variant Cover]"

Characters Nightcrawler [Kurt Wagner]
Genre Superhero
Pencils John Cassaday (signed)
Inks John Cassaday (signed)
Colors Laura Martin

1 page X-Force recap "Previously..."

Letters typeset
Notes Recap of story to date, creator credits and indicia.

23 page X-Force story "Second Coming Chapter Five"

Characters X-Force [Archangel [Warren Worthington III]; Domino [Neena Thurman] (cameo); Vanisher [Telford Porter] (cameo); Wolverine [Logan; James Howlett]; X-23 [Laura Kinney]]; X-Men [Colossus [Piotr Rasputin]; Cyclops [Scott Summers]; Dr. Nemesis [James Bradley]; Emma Frost [White Queen]; Iceman [Bobby Drake] (cameo); Magneto (cameo); Nightcrawler [Kurt Wagner] (death); Pixie [Megan Gwynn] (cameo); Psylocke [Betsy Braddock]; Prodigy [David Alleyne]; Rogue [Anna Marie]]; Cable [Nathan Summers]; Sub-Mariner [Namor] (cameo); New Mutants [Cannonball [Sam Guthrie]; Cypher [Doug Ramsey]; Dani Moonstar; Karma [Xi'an Coy Manh]; Magma [Amara Aquilla]; Sunspot [Roberto da Costa]; Warlock]; Multiple Man [Jamie Madrox] (cameo); Butterfly [Layla Miller] (cameo); Bastion (villain); Steven Lang (villain)
Synopsis Bastion kills Nightcrawler.
Genre Superhero
Script Craig Kyle; Chris Yost
Pencils Mike Choi
Colors Sonia Oback
Letters Cory Petit of Virtual Calligraphy [as VC's Cory Petit]

1 page Celebrating the Women of Marvel text article "Writer Marjorie Liu"

Characters Marjorie Liu (photo); Black Widow; Iron Man [Tony Stark]; Wolverine [Logan; James Howlett]
Script ? [as Marvel]; Marjorie Liu
Pencils ? (photo); Daniel Acuña
Inks ? (photo); Daniel Acuña
Colors Daniel Acuña
Letters typeset
Notes Interview with Marjorie Liu about her Black Widow series. Preview of the cover to Black Widow (DC, 2010 series) #1.

1 page X-Men promo (ad from the publisher) "X-Men: Second Coming Checklist"

Characters Wolverine [Logan; James Howlett]; Hope
Pencils Adi Granov
Inks Adi Granov
Colors Adi Granov
Notes Preview of cover to Uncanny X-Men #524.