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Issue Details

Issue #522
Published May 2010
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 3.99 USD
Pages 44
Editing Nick Lowe; Daniel Ketchum (associate)

Cover Details

Characters Kitty Pryde; Psylocke; Cyclops; Emma Frost; Colossus; Wolverine; Nightcrawler; Angel; Iceman; Namor; Rogue; Magneto; Fantomex; Pixie; Rockslide
Genre superhero
Pencils Terry Dodson
Inks Rachel Dodson (signed)

1 page X-Men recap "Previously in Uncanny X-Men"

Genre superhero
Letters Typeset

24 page X-Men story "Ghostly"

Characters Kitty Pryde; Magneto; The High Evolutionary; Emma Frost; Cyclops; Angel; Nightcrawler; Dr Nemesis; Madison Jeffries; Kavita Rao; Fantomex; Wolverine; Psylocke; Colosssus; The Stepford Cuckoos; Cecilia Reyes; Reed Richards; The Thing; Susan Storm; Johnny Storm; Rogue; Rockslide; Namor; Pixie; Northstar; Iceman
Genre superhero
Script Matt Fraction
Pencils Whilce Portaccio
Inks Ed Tadeo
Colors Justin Ponsor
Letters Joe Caramagna; Virtual Caligraphy

8 page X-Men story "The end of the world and everything after"

Characters Kitty Pryde; Daruxus Dax
Genre superhero
Script Matt Fraction
Pencils Phil Jimenez
Inks Andy Lanning
Colors Soto
Letters Joe Caramagna; Virtual Caligraphy