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Issue Details

Issue #61
Published June 2005
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 2.25 USD
Pages 48
Editing Joan Hilty; Rachel Gluckstern (Assistant Editor)
Notes This issue includes an 8-page advertising insert for Heroscape toys from Milton Bradley.

Cover Details - "Big Time Bubbles!"

Characters Bubbles; Buttercup; Blossom
Genre superhero; children
Pencils Phil Moy (signed)
Inks Phil Moy

8 page Powerpuff Girls story "Big Bubbles' Blues"

Characters Bubbles; Blossom; Buttercup; Talking Dog; Professor Utonium; Mayor; Sara Bellum (cameo)
Synopsis Bubbles and Talking Dog grow to giant size when they are accidentally struck by a weird ray from a runaway spectra-atomic-ionic meter.
Genre superhero; children
Script Ivan Velez, Jr.
Pencils Phil Moy
Inks Phil Moy
Colors Heroic Age
Letters Pat Brosseau

6 page Powerpuff Girls story "Radio No!"

Characters Blossom; Buttercup; Bubbles; Mayor; Screamin' Steven; Him; Professor Utonium (cameo); Talking Dog (cameo); Sara Bellum (cameo)
Synopsis Popular disk jockey Screamin' Steven can already get the people of Townsville to perform crazy stunts, so Him forces Steven to make them go even further -- to destroy the Powerpuff Girls!
Genre superhero; children
Script Abby Denson
Pencils Christopher Cook
Inks Mike DeCarlo
Colors Heroic Age
Letters Pat Brosseau

8 page Heroscape advertisement "The New Recruit"

Genre fantasy; adventure
Script Ty Templeton
Pencils Joe Phillips
Inks Richard Friend
Colors Wildstorm FX
Letters Rob Leigh
Editing Jaye Gardner
Notes Promotional comic insert for Heroscape toys.

6 page Powerpuff Girls story "Safe and Sorry!"

Characters Buttercup; Bubbles; Blossom; Ms. Keane; Mayor; Talking Dog (cameo)
Synopsis After the kids at Pokey Oaks Elementary School watch a safety video, Blossom becomes obsessed with safety, Buttercup gets annoyed with her, and Bubbles just sings the video's theme song over and over.
Genre superhero; children
Script Amy Keating Rogers
Pencils Ricardo Garcia Fuentes
Inks Mike DeCarlo
Colors Heroic Age
Letters Pat Brosseau

1 page Let the Mail Begin! letters page

Script ? [as Johnny DC]
Letters typeset
Notes Art and letters submitted by Lauren Hopper; Haley Lassiter; Elizabeth Collier; Janisha Sanford; Carolyn Strickland; Taylor Austin