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Issue Details

Issue #44
Published May [March 7] 2007
Cover Price 2.50 USD/2.99 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Michael Siglain; Harvey Richards (Assistant); Jeanine Schaefer (Associate)
Notes Second date is the cover date.

Cover Details

Characters Isis
Genre Superhero
Pencils J G Jones
Inks J G Jones
Colors Alex Sinclair
Notes Second date is the cover date.

22 page 52 story "Deaths in the Family"

Characters Black Adam; Renée Montoya; Isis; Richard Dragon; Aristotle Rodor; Azraeuz; Roggra; Yurrd; Zorrm
Synopsis Week forty-four finds Kahndaq under open attack from the Four Horsemen, and Black Adam pays a high price for it. In Nanda Parbat, Montoya starts down an unwelcome path by the passing of another friend.
Genre Superhero
Script Geoff Johns; Grant Morrison; Greg Rucka; Mark Waid
Pencils Keith Giffen (Breakdowns); Eddy Barrows
Inks Eddy Barrows; Dan Green; Rodney Ramos
Colors David Baron
Letters Rob Leigh
Notes Includes the apparent deaths of Isis, Roggra, Yurrd, and Zorrm. Sobek is revealed as Yurrd.

1 page DC Nation promo (ad from the publisher) "DC Nation: #51"

Synopsis Hot List: 52 #44; The Atom #9; Jonah Hex #17
Script Mike Carlin
Letters Typeset

12 page advertisement "Various"

Synopsis [inside front, inside back] In house -- Countdown; [5] In house -- Green Lantern: Rebirth softcover collected edition (1/2 page); [5,7] (PSA, 1 1/2 pages); [11] got milk?; [13] US Navy; [17] Dreamblade; [18] In house -- DC Direct Batman/Spawn statue; [24] In house -- 52; [26] In house -- Wonder Woman; [30] In house -- All Star Superman hardcover collected edition; [back] In house -- World War III