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Issue Details

Issue #29
Published March 2007
Cover Price 2.25 USD
Pages 44
Editing Michael Wright
Notes Higher page count includes advertising insert.

Cover Details

Characters Superman; super-apes
Genre superhero; children
Pencils Ty Templeton (signed)
Inks Ty Templeton
Notes Higher page count includes advertising insert.

20 page Justice League Unlimited story "Untamed"

Characters Animal Man; B'wana Beast; Superman; Dr. Light [Kimiyo Hoshi]; Mr. Terrific [Michael Holt]; Fire; Booster Gold; Shining Knight; Crimson Avenger; Steel; Queen Bee; Wonder Woman (cameo); Green Lantern [John Stewart](cameo); Vixen (cameo); Ice (cameo); Hawk (cameo); Dove (cameo); Atom (cameo); Creeper (cameo)
Synopsis Animal Man makes a special effort to help and understand B'wana Beast, who doesn't fit in with the Justice League.
Genre superhero; children
Script Adam Beechen
Pencils Carlo Barberi
Inks Tom Fowler
Colors Heroic Age
Letters Mike Sellers

1 page Let the Mail Begin! letters page

Letters typeset
Notes Art and letters submitted by Eiryn Renouard; Alex Thomas; Tim Cropp; Daniel Warner; Joseph Hermes; Dan L.; Mike Fogarty; Justin

8 page insert or dust jacket "The Adventures of Finn & Friends"

Notes Advertising comic-book insert for Pepperidge Farm Goldfish.