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Issue Details

Issue #22
Published [November] 2005
Cover Price $2.99; $3.99 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Bill Morrison; Terry Delegeane (managing editor)

Cover Details

Characters Philip J. Fry
Genre Humor; Sitcom; Science Fiction
Pencils Jason Ho (signed)
Inks Mike Rote (signed)
Colors Nathan Kane (signed)

28 page Futurama story "A Fit Worse Than Death"

Characters Philip J. Fry; Bender; Turanga Leela; Professor Hubert Farnsworth; Hermes Conrad; Dr. John Zoidberg; Amy Wong; Doctor Leech; Clyde; Richard Nixon's head; Spiro Agnew's body; George Washington's head; Mayor of New New York; Jor-El; Baby Kal-El
Synopsis Bender becomes the 31st century's newest diet guru, and before long President Nixon appoints him czar of the President's Council on Physical Fitness. But too much power in the wrong robots hands is a dangerous thing, and the physically tired and huddled masses of New New York City are soon yearning to be free of Bender's tyrannical exercise regimen. [per solicitation]
Genre Humor; Sitcom; Science Fiction
Script Ian Boothby
Pencils Mike Kazaleh
Inks Phyllis Novin
Colors Joey Mason
Letters Karen Bates

2 page Futurama Comics letters page "Futurama Comics"

Notes Letters and fan art from readers - Brooks Blake, Stephen Hackney, Tim Schmidgall, Derren Lechuga and Krystal Brown.