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Issue Details

Issue #23
Published Late July 2006
Cover Price $2.99
Pages 36
Editing Mike Carlin; Tom Palmer, Jr. (assistant editor)

Cover Details - "All Bets Are Off!"

Characters Vibe; The Royal Flush Gang (Clubs)
Genre superhero
Pencils Mike Zeck (signed)
Inks Jerry Ordway (signed)

22 page JLA story "A Game of Chance Part Two: Bet"

Characters The JLA [Martian Manhunter; Vibe; Vixen; Steel; Gypsy; Aquaman]; Sue Dibny; Elongated Man (cameo-flashback); Zatanna (cameo- flashback); Superman (cameo); Batman (cameo); Wonder Woman (cameo); Flash [Barry Allen] (cameo); Green Lantern [Hal Jordan] (cameo) (all images in Vibe's mind); The Royal Flush Gang I (Clubs) [King; Jack]; Professor Amos Fortune [Ace; Pudge]; The Royal Flush Gang II (Spades) [King [Joe Carny, King of the Hoboes]; Queen [Mona Taylor]; Jack [Jack]; Ten [Wanda]]
Synopsis Amos Fortune dismisses his previous friends and joins a new Royal Flush Gang as their Ace. This new team attacks the JLA but is hampered by the old King and Jack, looking for revenge. As the three teams battle, a lighter ignites a forest fire. Both Royal Flush Gangs retreat, leaving the new League and an unconscious Martian Manhunter trapped in the forest fire.
Genre superhero
Script Steve Englehart
Pencils Tom Derenick
Inks Mark Farmer
Colors David Baron
Letters Pat Brosseau
Notes This story is narrated by Vibe.