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Issue Details

Issue #23
Published January 1989
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.75 USD; 1.00 CAD; 0.50 GBP
Pages 36
Editing Andrew Helfer

Cover Details - "Justice League International Vs. the Injustice League"

Characters Injustice League [Big Sir; Cluemaster; Major Disaster; Multi-Man; Clock King]
Genre superhero
Pencils Kevin Maguire
Inks Joe Rubinstein

22 page Justice League International story "Gross Injustice"

Characters JLI [Guy Gardner; Blue Beetle [Ted Kord]; Martian Manhunter [J'onn J'onzz]; Mister Miracle; Booster Gold; Rocket Red [Dimitri Pushkin]; Ice; Fire]; Injustice League [Major Disaster; Clock King; Multi-Man; Big Sur; Cluemaster; Mighty Bruce (first appearance)]
Synopsis JLI attempts to clean up a Khund spaceship while the new Injustice League tries to make off with a Thanagarian ship.
Genre superhero
Script Keith Giffen (plot); J.M. DeMatteis (script)
Pencils Keith Giffen (breakdowns); Kevin Maguire
Inks Joe Rubinstein
Colors Gene D'Angelo
Letters Bob Lappan
Editing Andrew Helfer
Notes Invasion crossover. Gene bomb explodes at the end of this issue.