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Issue Details

Issue #11
Published November 1993
Cover Price $1.95 US [
Pages 52
Editing Neal Pozner

Cover Details

Characters Nightwing; Robin; Deathstroke; Katana; Kobra; Wonder Woman; Deadhsot; Peacemaker; Dr. Light II
Genre Superhero
Pencils George Perez
Inks George Perez
Colors Kirk

18 page Nightwing; Robin story "Raptors"

Characters FEATURE: Robin; Nightwing; VILLAINS: Ramon Bracuda; Big Chulo; CAMEO FLASHBACK: Catwoman; Commissioner Gordon
Synopsis Robin asks Nightwing for help in bringing down Bracuda.
Genre Superhero
Script Doug Moench
Pencils Bob McLeod
Inks Bob McLeod
Colors Tom McCraw
Letters Ken Bruzenak

10 page Deathstroke; Katana story "The Kobra Kronicles Part 6: I'm On an Island"

Characters FEATURE: Deathstroke; Katana; GUESTS: Peacemaker; Dr. Light II; Deadshot; VILLAINS: Kobra; Gennifer
Synopsis A group of unlikely allies finishes Kobra off (for now).
Genre Superhero
Script Mike Baron
Pencils Cary Nord
Inks Jose Marzan Jr.
Colors Paul Mounts
Letters Gaspar Saladino

10 page Wonder Woman story "And the Last Hope"

Characters FEATURE: Wonder Woman; GUESTS: Lamia of Acacia; Ben and Sneaker
Synopsis A cursed immortal tries to steal Wonder Woman's lasso to try and take her own life.
Genre Superhero
Script Ivan Velez Jr.
Pencils Dave Hooper
Inks Art Nichols
Colors Gregory Wright
Letters Pat Brosseau