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Issue Details

Issue #350
Published November 1969
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.15 USD
Pages 36
Editing Chase Craig?
Notes Indicia number is "Vol. 30, No. 2." Code number is "W.D.C. #350-6911."

Cover Details - "Seasick Donald"

Characters Donald Duck; Huey, Dewey and Louie
Genre funny animals
Pencils Carl Barks
Inks Carl Barks
Colors ? (Western Publishing Production Shop)
Reprinted in Carl Barks Library (Another Rainbow, 1983 series) #10 (August 1990)

1 page Betty Crocker Easy-Bake Oven; Kenner advertisement "Now I Bake Betty Crocker Cakes Just Like Mommie!"

Notes Inside front cover; color. Ad in comic form for Betty Crocker Easy-Bake Oven by Kenner. Ad includes coupon for "Betty Crocker's Cakes Kids Love" party booklet available for 40 cents from General Mills, Minneapolis, Minn.

10 page Donald Duck story "The Truant Nephews"

Characters Donald Duck; Huey, Dewey and Louie
Synopsis The nephews decide to play hooky, but find schools or Uncle Donald wherever they turn.
Genre funny animals
Script Carl Barks
Pencils Carl Barks
Inks Carl Barks
Colors ? (Western Publishing Production Shop)
Letters Carl Barks
Reprinted from Walt Disney's Comics and Stories (Dell, 1940 series) #133 (October 1951)

4 page Scamp story "Doggie Jackpot"

Characters Scamp; Chico
Synopsis Scamp and his friend Chico end up in the city dump when Scamp's master sells boxes of trash to the local junk dealer.
Genre funny animals
Pencils Al Hubbard
Inks Al Hubbard
Colors ? (Western Publishing Production Shop)

1 page Lee Rider; H. D. Lee Company advertisement "The Brand Rustlers"

Characters Lee Rider
Synopsis Lee Rider finds that rustlers are changing brands on his Uncle Frank's cattle.
Genre western
Notes Ad in comic form for Lee Riders brand blue jeans. H. D. Lee Company, Inc., Shawnee Mission, Kansas.

3 page promo (ad from the publisher) Enter the "TV Star" Sweepstakes

Letters typeset
Notes Promo for Golden Magazine "TV Star" Sweepstakes. Grand prize is a trip to Los Angeles on Delta Airlines and a personal appearance on the CBS TV series "Family Affair."

3 page Chip 'n' Dale story "Treasure Trail"

Characters Chip 'n' Dale; Big Bad Wolf; Three Little Pigs [Practical Pig; Fifer Pig; Fiddler Pig]
Synopsis The Big Bad Wolf uses apples as bait for a trap for the Three Pigs, but Chip and Dale get caught in the trap first.
Genre Funny Animal
Pencils Mike Arens ?
Inks John Liggera
Colors ? (Western Publishing Production Shop)

1 page Sleeping Beauty text story "Misused Magic"

Characters Princess Aurora; Flora; Fauna; Merryweather; Maleficent (reference)
Synopsis The three fairies have to repair the damage Maleficent has done to Sleeping Beauty's kingdom.
Genre fantasy
Colors ? (Western Publishing Production Shop)
Letters typeset
Notes Text story with one 1/4 page illustration.

8 page Mickey Mouse story "Secret of the Black Box - Part III"

Characters Mickey Mouse; Goofy; Tasha; Hazardous Harry; Professor Het
Synopsis Mickey, Goofy, and Tasha outwit Hazardous Harry and his thugs on mountain trails on the way to the Prince's treasure.
Genre funny animals
Pencils Jack Manning
Inks Jack Manning
Colors ? (Western Publishing Production Shop)
Notes part 3 of 3.

1 page Gold Key Comics Club News promo (ad from the publisher) "It's a 'Family Affair' in Gold Key with Giant Pull-Out Poster of Buffy"

Characters Porky Pig (cameo); Petunia Pig (cameo); Cicero Pig (cameo); Turok (cameo); Andar (cameo)
Letters typeset
Notes Promo with checklist and previews of Gold Key comics on sale in October 1969. Two spot illustrations of Porky, Petunia, and Cicero and Turok and Andar.

1 page promo (ad from the publisher) "Join the Gold Key Comics 4-A-Month-Club"

Characters Bugs Bunny (cameo)
Letters typeset
Notes Promo for subscriptions to Gold Key comics. One year subscription to 10 different series (48 total issues) for $5.00.

1 page Junior Sales Club of America advertisement "Win $1,000 College Scholarship"

Letters typeset
Notes Inside back cover; color. Illustrated ad for selling greeting cards for Junior Sales Club of America, Springfield, Mass.

1 page Toot Sweet; Mattel, Inc. advertisement "New Toot Sweet turns yummy Tootsie Rolls..."

Notes Back cover. Illustrated ad for Toot Sweet toy that turns Tootsie Rolls candy into whistles. Mattel, Inc.