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Issue Details

Issue #11
Published February 2002
Cover Price $2.50/$4.25 CND
Pages 36
Editing Nachie Castro (Assistant); Bob Schreck
Notes Painted Cover

Cover Details

Characters Green Arrow [Oliver Queen]
Genre superhero
Pencils Matt Wagner
Inks Matt Wagner
Colors Matt Wagner
Notes Painted Cover

22 page Green Arrow story "Ultimate Speedy"

Characters FEATURE: Green Arrow; GUESTS: Green Arrow [Connor Hawke]; Mia Dearden [also as Speedy]; VILLAIN: Richard the Pimp; CAMEO FLASHBACK: Batman [Bruce Wayne] and Robin [Dick Grayson]; Wonder Woman [Diana] and Wonder Girl [Donna Troy]; Aquaman and Aqualad; Flash [Barry Allen] and Kid Flash [Wally West]; Speedy [Roy Harper]
Synopsis Mia wants to be GA's new sidekick, but Ollie ain't having any of that.
Genre superhero
Script Kevin Smith
Pencils Phil Hester
Inks Ande Parks
Colors James Sinclair
Letters Sean Konot
Notes Title pokes fun at Marvel's "Ultimate" line of comics; GA Quote of the Month: "Throwing a costume on a child and taking them along for a rich man's thrill ride? I'm shocked none of us were ever arrested!"

1 page Arrow Heads letters page "Arrow Heads"

Script Michael Wright; [Letters] Fergie; Bill Hope; Kent A Phenis
Letters Typeset

12 page advertisement "Various"

Synopsis [inside front] Batman: Vengeance (game); [5] Devil May Cry; [6] Smuggler's Run 2: Hostile Territory; Risk; [9] Legend of the Rangers; [13] Asheron's Call: Dark Majesty; [16-17] Ico; [21] Playstation 2; [25] Virtua Fighter 4; [29] OnStar Batman Adventure Sweepstakes; [inside back] Lego; [back] HALO