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Issue Details

Issue #1
Published August 2006
Frequency monthly in August, September, October, November and December
Cover Price 3.99 USD; 5.75 CAD
Pages 52
Editing Sean Ryan (Assistant Editor); Mike Marts (Consulting Editor); Nick Lowe (Editor); Joe Quesada (Editor-in-Chief)

Cover Details

Characters Ikaris
Genre superhero
Pencils Rick Berry (painting)
Inks Rick Berry (painting)
Colors Rick Berry (painting)

39 page Eternals story

Characters Mark Curry; Ikaris; Ike Harris; Sprite; Sersi; Abigail; Thena; Druig; Tony Stark; First Host of Celestials; Second Host of Celestials; Trantrum; ZeeBee; Trucker
Synopsis Ikaris attempts to restore Mark Curry's memory of Curry's Eternal heritage.
Genre superhero; science fiction
Script Neil Gaiman
Pencils John Romita, Jr.
Inks Danny Miki; Tim Townsend
Colors Matt Hollingsworth; Dean White; Paul Mounts
Letters Todd Klein
Reprinted in Eternals by Neil Gaiman (Marvel, 2007 series) #[nn]