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Issue Details

Issue #18
Published January 2007
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 2.99 USD
Pages 44
Editing Mark Paniccia; Nathan Cosby (Assistant Editor)

Cover Details - "Secret Agent Sue Storm"

Characters Invisible Woman [Susan Storm]
Genre superhero
Pencils Kano (signed)
Inks Kano
Colors Kano ?

22 page Fantastic Four story "The Spy I Couldn't See"

Characters Invisible Woman [Susan Storm]; Mr. Fantastic [Reed Richards]; Thing [Ben Grimm]; Human Torch [Johnny Storm]; Nick Fury; the Trapster; the Ferret
Synopsis Feeling unappreciated by her teammates, Sue accepts Nick Fury's offer to become a secret agent.
Genre superhero
Script Zeb Wells
Pencils Kano
Inks Alvaro Lopez
Colors Lee Loughridge
Letters Dave Sharpe

1 page Fantastic Four Mailroom letters page

Script Nathan Cosby
Pencils various
Inks various
Letters typeset
Notes Letter submitted by Joe Wales. Page also includes cover art for rhis issue and Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #21.

8 page Guiding Light; Avengers story "A New Light"

Characters Harley Cooper [The Guiding Light]; Gus Aitoro; Buzz Cooper; Olivia Spencer; Henry Cooper Bradshaw ["Coop"]; Alan Spaulding; Zack Spaulding; Jude Bauer; A.C. Mallet; Avengers [Iron Man; Spider-Man; Wolverine; Captain America; Spider-Woman; Luke Cage]; Sinister Six [Dr. Octopus; Sandman; Boomerang; Venom; Hydro-Man]
Synopsis The Avengers, pursued by the Sinister Six, follow a lead to the town of Springfield where they encounter new heroine the Guiding Light (and her family and friends).
Genre superhero; soap
Script Jim McCann
Pencils Alex Chung
Inks M3TH
Colors Rob Ruffolo
Letters Joe Caramagna
Editing Nicole Boose
Notes Crossover with the CBS daytime serial "Guiding Light" (owned by Procter & Gamble Productions).