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Issue Details

Issue #3
Published 1985
Cover Price 1.75 USD
Pages 36
Editing Bill Black

Cover Details - "Skin Game!"

Characters Ms. Victory; She-Cat; Tara Freemont
Genre superhero
Pencils Mark Heike (signed)
Inks Bill Black (signed)
Colors Rebekah Black?

20 page Femforce story "Skin Game"

Characters GS: Captain Freedom
Synopsis "Blue Bulleteer returns to her normal state as Nightveil, and the Femforce go to the underwater city of Oceanus One to track down a gang of smugglers whose trail starts at Tara's Jungle Island refuge. But are the bad guys after exotic animals- or gold??!!?? "Skin Game" is written and layed out by Bill Black, pencilled by Mark Heike and Mark Propst, and inked by Mark Heike and Bill Black. Guest-starring Janice Lawson, Captain Freedom, Commodore Faraday, Randall Crowley, Riot O'Rourke and Stella Stargaze, the first Femforce appearance for all of these characters. In the back-up, Colt's nemesis Montague Moon is back, in "Moon's Mind Masquerade". He plots to destroy Colt by having her creators killed in his artificial dream-hypnosis machine. Paul Daly, Rick Burchett and Bill Black are all menaced, but finally saved by Colt, in there own dreams." from
Genre superhero
Script Bill Black
Pencils Bill Black; Mark Heike; Mark Propst
Inks Bill Black
Colors Rebekah Black
Letters Walt Paisley

8 page Colt story "Moon's Mind Masquerade: Part 1"

Characters Paul Daly; Bill Black; Rick Burkett; Colt
Genre Super-hero
Script Paul Daly
Pencils Rick Burkett
Inks Rick Burkett
Colors Rebekah Black
Letters Thomas Scott?