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Issue Details

Issue #437
Published July 1974
Cover Price 0.60 USD
Pages 100
Editing Julius Schwartz; E. Nelson Bridwell (assistant editor)
Notes Credits for pencils and inks confirmed from Julius Schwartz's editorial records, provided by DC Comics. [August 2007]

Cover Details

Characters Superman; Green Arrow; Adam Strange; the Flash; Green Lantern; Doll Man
Genre superhero
Pencils Nick Cardy
Inks Nick Cardy
Notes Credits for pencils and inks confirmed from Julius Schwartz's editorial records, provided by DC Comics. [August 2007]

1 page promo (ad from the publisher)

Characters Superman
Genre superhero
Pencils Pat Broderick
Notes Table of Contents

20 page Superman story "Magic is Bustin' Out All Over!"

Characters with Green Arrow, Batman, Flash and Green Lantern; Superman; Valdemar; Lois Lane; Effron; Perry White; the bottle city of Kandor
Genre superhero
Script Elliot S! Maggin
Pencils Curt Swan
Inks Kurt Schaffenberger
Notes sequel to World's Finest Comics #210

2 page story "The First Frogman!"

Characters Scylla; Xerxes
Script Robert Kanigher
Pencils Ross Andru
Inks Mike Esposito
Reprinted from Showcase (DC, 1956 series) #28 (September-October 1960)

13 page Sea Devils, The story "The Sea Devils vs. the Octopus Man!"

Characters The Sea Devils
Genre adventure
Script Bob Kanigher
Pencils Russ Heath
Inks Russ Heath
Reprinted from Sea Devils #1 (September-October 1961)

1 page cover reprint (on interior page) "Cover gallery"

Genre Superhero
Reprinted from Sea Devils (DC, 1961 series) #1 (September-October 1961); from Mystery in Space (DC, 1951 series) #85 (August 1963); from My Greatest Adventure (DC, 1955 series) #3; from Western Comics (DC, 1948 series) #77

15 page Adam Strange story "Riddle of the Runaway Rockets!"

Characters Adam Strange; Alanna
Genre science fiction
Script Gardner Fox
Pencils Carmine Infantino
Inks Murphy Anderson
Reprinted fr. Mystery In Space #85 (Aug '63)

10 page Matt Savage story "The Barbed Wire Barricade!"

Characters Matt Savage
Genre western
Script Gardner Fox
Pencils Gil Kane
Inks Joe Giella
Notes origin & 1st appearance
Reprinted from Western Comics #77 (September-October 1959)

Half page Chief Hot Foot filler

Genre gag

8 page story "I Was King of the Daredevils"

Genre adventure
Script Dick Wood
Pencils John Prentice
Inks John Prentice
Reprinted from My Greatest Adventure #3 (May-June 1955)

12 page Doll Man story "The Man Who Returned from the Dead!"

Characters Doll Man
Genre superhero
Script William Woolfolk
Pencils Reed Crandall
Reprinted from Doll Man #13 (Summer 1947)