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Issue Details

Issue #231
Published October 1984
Cover Price 0.75
Pages 36
Editing Alan Gold

Cover Details - "It's a Family Crisis!"

Characters Wonder Woman [Earth-1]; Superman [Earth-1]; Flash [Earth-1] (all as the Justice League of America/JLA); Dr. Fate; Green Lantern [Alan Scott] (all as the Justice Society of America/JSA); Supergirl
Genre superhero
Pencils Chuck Patton
Inks Dick Giordano

23 page Justice League of America story "Family Crisis!"

Characters Superman [Earth-1]; Wonder Woman [Earth-1]; Flash [Barry Allen]; Aquaman (flashback); Zatanna (flashback); Green Arrow [Earth-1] (flashback); Elongated Man(flashback); Black Canary (flashback); Hawkman [Katar Hol] (flashback); Hawkwoman [Shayera Thal] (flashback); Firestorm (flashback); Red Tornado (flashback); Green Lantern [Hal Jordan] (flashback); Phantom Stranger (flashback); Atom [Ray Palmer] (flashback); Batman [Earth-1] (flashback) (all as the Justice League of America/JLA); Starman [Ted Knight]; Dr. Fate; Dr. Mid-Nite; Green Lantern [Alan Scott]; Flash [Jay Garrick] (flashback) (all as the Justice Society of America/JSA); The Blackhawks (flashback); Adolf Hitler (flashback); Supergirl (guest star); Joshua Champion (villain)
Genre superhero
Script Kurt Busiek
Pencils Alan Kupperberg
Inks Rich Buckler
Colors Gene D'Angelo
Letters Ben Oda
Notes With the JSA, with Supergirl, also in 232 Inker credits given by Alan Kupperberg in an interview with Daniel Best submitted to the GCD error list.