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Issue Details

Issue #468
Published July 1990
Cover Price 0.75 USD; 0.95 CAD
Pages 44
Editing Mike Carlin; Jonathan Peterson (associate)

Cover Details

Characters Superman [Clark Kent; Kal-El]; Hank Henshaw
Genre Superhero
Pencils Dan Jurgens (signed)
Inks Brett Breeding (signed)
Colors Jerry Ordway (signed)

22 page Superman story "The Outcast"

Characters Superman [Clark Kent; Kal-El]; Lois Lane; Jonathan Kent; Martha Kent; Terri Henshaw; Hank Henshaw; Roberts; Clint; Ray; Dr. Dorsey (first appearance); Whit (cameo); Jimmy Olsen; Lucy Lane; Jerry White
Synopsis Hank Henshaw appears alive, but he's transferred his soul to the NASA computers. After learning how much harm he is causing, he decides to leave Earth and explore space.
Genre Superhero
Script Dan Jurgens
Pencils Dan Jurgens
Inks Art Thibert
Colors Glenn Whitmore
Letters Albert DeGuzman

1 page CapriSun 100% Natural advertisement "CapriSun 100% Natural Presents The Adventure - Part III: Rapid Transit!"

Characters Paul; Neil; Dora; Hairy Harry
Genre Adventure
Notes Ad for CapriSun 100% Natural.

2 page Kryptograms letters page "Kryptograms"

Script Michael Eury
Letters typeset
Notes Letters from readers - Richard Yanchus, Charlie Harris, Stan Madaloni, Jerry Smith, William Blevins, Joe Frank, David Gross, Bruce Bender and Chris Conway - and responses from Michael Eury.

8 page Superman story "The Man of Steel's Journal"

Characters Superman [Clark Kent; Kal-El]; Jor-El; Lara; Jonathan Kent; Martha Kent; Lana Lang; Allie; Lois Lane; Perry White; Cat Grant; Jimmy Olsen; Gangbuster [Jose Delgado]; Professor Emil Hamilton; Cleric; VILLAINS: Lex Luthor; Metallo; Mr. Mxyzptlk; Brainiac [Milton Fine; Vril Dox]; General Zod; Zaora; Quex-Ul
Synopsis A look into Superman's diary, recapping his story to date.
Genre Superhero
Script Dan Jurgens
Pencils Dan Jurgens
Inks Dan Jurgens
Colors Dan Jurgens ?
Letters Dan Jurgens ?