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Issue Details

Issue #-1
Published July 1997
Cover Price 1.95 USD
Pages 44
Editing Bob Harras; Mark Powers (associate); Jason Liebig (assistant)
Notes Issue published between Generation X #28 and 29

Cover Details - " the Lair of the Dark Beast!"

Characters Banshee; Dark Beast; Husk; Synch; M; Chamber; Skin; Jubilee; Emma Frost [White Queen]
Genre superhero
Pencils Chris Bachalo (signed)
Inks Al Vey (signed)
Letters Typeset
Notes Cover is an homage to the cover of X-Men (Marvel, 1963 series) #29

22 page Generation X story "The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship!"

Characters Sean Cassidy [Banshee]; Emma Frost [White Queen]; GUESTS: Stan Lee; Lowell Fontaine; VILLAINS: Harry Leland; Dark Beast; CAMEOS: Generation X [Synch; M; Husk; Skin; Jubilee; Chamber]; Tores; Pamela Anderson (on TV)
Synopsis Stan Lee interrupts our regularly scheduled program to narrate a past adventure where NYPD officer, Sean Cassidy, tries to save a 16 year old Emma Frost from the Dark Beast; But maybe the young girl with burgeoning psychic powers doesn't want to be rescued.
Genre superhero
Script James Robinson
Pencils Chris Bachalo
Inks Al Vey
Colors Marie Javins
Letters Comicraft
Reprinted in Wiz (Marvel Italia, 1995 series) #32

3 page X-Men text article "For the Sake of Humanity, The X-Men's Days Are Numbered..."

Characters Bastion; Professor X
Genre superhero
Script Scott Lobdell
Letters Typeset
Notes Interview with Scott Lobdell about the Operation Zero Tolerance crossover.