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Issue Details

Issue #2
Published December 1983
Cover Price $1.25
Pages 36
Editing Dick Giordano

Cover Details - "Special Origin Issue"

Characters Thriller; Angelina Salvotini
Genre adventure
Pencils Trevor Von Eeden
Inks Trevor Von Eeden

25 page Thriller story "Home Again [Downtime Part 2]"

Characters Mollusk; Marjorie Collins; Henry Collins (dies in this story); Angie Thriller [Angeline Marrietta Salvotini Thriller]; Salvo [Tony Salvotini]; Marietta Salvotini (Angie's and Tony's mother); Crackerjack; Dan Grove; Scotty Thriller (Edward and Angie's son); Miss Lusk [Malocchia] (Scotty's nanny); Janet Valentine [Jet]; Peter Salvotini (flashback-- dies in this issue); Edward Thriller; Moses Lusk (flashback- Edward's collegue); Scabbard (cameo)
Synopsis Salvo stops a bank robbery, has Ziti with Angie -- who can share his body temporarily -- at their mother's restaurant, and reveals to Janet how their father died. Edward then tells Dan how Angie became Thriller.
Genre adventure
Script Robert Loren Fleming
Pencils Trevor Von Eeden
Inks Trevor Von Eeden
Colors Tom Ziuko
Letters Philip Felix