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Issue Details

Issue #177
Published February 2002
Cover Price $2.25
Pages 40
Editing Eddie Berganza; Tom Palmer, Jr. (Assistant Editor)

Cover Details - "untitled"

Characters Wonder Woman
Genre Superhero
Pencils Adam Hughes (signed)
Inks Adam Hughes (signed)
Colors Adam Hughes (signed)

21 page Wonder Woman story "Paradise Found"

Characters Wonder Woman; Ricky; Artemis; Phillipus; Hera; Gaea; The Goddesses of the amazons of Bana-Mighdal; Ares (cameo); Sekhmet (cameo); Skanda (cameo); Athena; Henri Claude Tibet (cameo); Julia Kapatelis (cameo); Amazon Pythia (cameo); Martian Manhunter (cameo); Kimiyo Hoshi (cameo); Steve Trevor (cameo); Kaleeza Fashed (cameo); Wonderdome; Demeter; Isis; Mammitu; Neith; Hestia; Aphrodite; Donna Troy; Lois Lane; Antiope; Diana Trevor (cameo); Lord Hades
Genre Superhero
Script Phil Jimenez
Pencils Phil Jimenez
Inks Andy Lanning
Colors Trish Mulvihill; Heroic Age (Separations)
Letters Comicraft
Notes The rebuilding of Themyscira.

1 page Wonder Woman illustration "Twin Towers in New York City"

Genre Superhero
Pencils Phil Jimenez
Inks Andy Lanning
Colors Trish Mulvihill; Heroic Age (Separations)
Letters Saida Temofonte
Notes "In Loving Memory, and with the Most Humbling Respect, to the Real Legends who Died and Lived on September 11, 2001."

1 page letters page "Wonder Words"

Notes 3 letters of comment by Evan McCarthy, Seth Richard, Richard Kightlinger, plus cover illustration of WONDER WOMAN #178.

18 page advertisement "Ads"

Notes Total of 10 one-page and 3 two-pages advertisements for: Burnout (game, Acclaim), Skittles (candy, Mars), Batman: Vengeance (game, Ubi Soft), Twisted Metal: Small Brawl (game, Incog Inc., 2 pages), Starburst (candy, Mars), Kinetica (game, Sony, 2 pages), Dragon Warrior VII (game, Enix), Dark Cloud (game, Scea, 2 pages), Virtua Fighter 4 (game, SEGA), Golden Sun (game, Nintendo), Top Gun: Combat Zone (game, nGame), Super Smash Bros. (game, Nintendo), Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee (game, Xbox).