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Issue Details

Issue #285
Published February 1992
Cover Price 1.25
Pages 36
Editing Suzanne Gaffney (Assistant); Bob Harras

Cover Details - "Portal's End"

Characters Storm; Iceman; Jean Grey; Colossus; Sunfire
Genre superhero
Pencils Whilce Portacio
Inks Art Thibert

22 page X-Men story "Down the Rabbit Hole"

Characters FEATURE: X-Men--Storm; Jean Grey; Colossus; Iceman; Archangel; GUESTS: Sunfire; Bishop; Malcolm; Randall; Trish Tilby; Mikhail Rasputin (1st; Colossus' brother); VILLAIN: Avatar II [1st: Queen Sha-Har-a-Zath]
Synopsis The X-Men fall through the portal to another dimension where they run across Colossus' long-dead brother.
Genre superhero
Script Whilce Portacio (Co-Plot); Jim Lee (Co-Plot); John Byrne
Pencils Whilce Portacio
Inks Art Thibert; Al Milgrom
Colors Joe Rosas
Letters Tom Orzechowski
Notes 1st Maikhail Rasputin from Flashback in X-Men #99
Reprinted in Incredibili X-Men, Gli (Marvel Italia, 1994 series) #53