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Issue Details

Issue #174
Published June 1974
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.25 USD
Pages 36
Editing Roy Thomas

Cover Details - "Showdown with the Secret Empire!"

Characters Captain America [Steve Rogers]; Falcon; Secret Empire [Number One; robot]
Genre superhero
Pencils Gil Kane; John Romita (layouts)
Inks Frank Giacoia
Letters Gaspar Saladino
Reprinted in Captain America & The Falcon: Secret Empire (Marvel, 2005 series) #[nn]

18 page Captain America and The Falcon story "It's Always Darkest...!"

Characters Captain America [Steve Rogers]; Falcon [Sam Wilson]; Secret Empire [Number One; Number Thirteen; Number Sixteen [Mr. Black]; Number Sixty-Eight; Number Eight; Number Nine]; Moonstone; Banshee (in flashback); X-Men [Professor X; Cyclops; Marvel Girl; Angel; Iceman; Beast]; Frank (talk show host); Miss Kearny; Quentin Harderman; Havok; Lorna Dane [Polaris]; Mesmero; Mastermind; Blob; Magneto (in flashback)
Genre superhero
Script Steve Englehart
Pencils Sal Buscema
Inks Vinnie Colletta
Colors George Roussos
Letters Gaspar Saladino (p.1); Charlotte Jetter (pp.2-18)
Reprinted in Captain America & The Falcon: Secret Empire (Marvel, 2005 series) #[nn]

2 page letters page "Let's Rap with Cap"

Letters typeset
Notes Page also contains: an explanation as to why the price changed to 25c; a Marvel Value Stamp (No.48 = Kraven by Steve Ditko) and a 1/3rd page promo ad for Dr. Strange #1. Letters of comment from readers Name Unknown; Bob Rodi and R. E. Miller. Placed between pages 11 and 12 of the main sequence.