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Issue Details

Issue #4
Published 1982
Cover Price 4.95
Pages 52
Editing Louise Jones

Cover Details

Characters Professor X; Karma; Cannonball; Wolfbane [Rahne]; Sunspot; Mirage [Dani Moonstar]
Genre superhero
Pencils Bob McLeod
Inks Bob McLeod
Letters Typeset

47 page New Mutants story "Renewal"

Characters FEATURE: New Mutants--Cannonball [1st; Sam Guthrie]; Sunspot [1st; Roberto Da Costa]; Wolfsbane [1st; Rahne Sinclair]; Mirage [1st; Dani Moonstar]; Karma; GUESTS: Professor X; Moira MacTaggert; Emmanuel DaCosta (1st); Julia Sandoval (1st and Death); Black Eagle (1st and Death); VILLAINS: Donald Pierce; Hellfire Soldiers; Tessa; Reverend Craig (1st); CAMEOS: X-Men--Cyclops; Jean Grey; Angel; Iceman; Beast; Storm; Wolverine; Colossus; Nightcrawler; Kitty Pryde (all photos)
Synopsis Thinking that the X-Men are dead (they are actually only off in space facing the Brood), Moira convinces Xavier to gather the next generation of mutants after she rescues a local girl who can turn into a wolf; Professor X begins contacting the kids only to find that the young mutants are being attacked by Hellfire Soldiers sent by Donald Pierce to kill them; Arriving in Kentucky, Xavier and Rahne are attacked by the rocket blasting Sam Guthrie who has been duped into working for Pierce and Professor X is captured; The young mutants band together to save Xavier before Pierce can suck his mind dry; Returning to the mansion after the conflict, Xavier gives his new young charges uniforms and, once the penitent Sam comes calling and is accepted into their ranks, the roster is filled and the New Mutants are born.
Genre superhero
Script Chris Claremont
Pencils Bob McLeod
Inks Bob McLeod
Colors Glynis Wein
Letters Tom Orzechowski
Reprinted In New Mutants (Marvel, 1994 series) #[nn]