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Issue Details

Issue #18
Published October 1988
Cover Price 2.00 USD
Pages 28
Editing Chris Bell

Cover Details

Genre Fantasy
Pencils Shelagh Lewins
Inks Shelagh Lewins
Colors Shelagh Lewins

24 page Lyssa the Axe; Redfox story "Csardas"

Characters Lyssa the Axe (Alicia y Maris D'Almeric); Alard (Lyssa's brother); Alodie (wife of Alard); Alice (daughter of Alard); Renfrey; Egor; Katya; Mikail; Ivan
Synopsis Lyssa goes home to help prevent a war.
Genre Fantasy
Script Chris Bell
Pencils Fox
Inks Vincent Danks; Fox

1 page Redfox illustration "Zebethyial Kell Ash"

Characters Zebethyial Kell Ash
Genre Fantasy
Pencils Glenn Fabry
Inks Glenn Fabry
Notes This is the back cover. It is black and white.