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Issue Details

Issue #1
Published November 1989
Cover Price 1.95 USD; 2.65 CAD
Pages 28
Editing David Campiti
Notes This is a 3-issue mini-series.

Cover Details - "They're Back From Georwell -- And Ready to Party!"

Characters The Justice Machine [Challenger; Diviner; Blazer; Demon; Talisman; Titan]; Youthquake; Maxinor; Havoc of the Free Force; Darkforce (on the back cover)
Genre superhero
Pencils Darryl Banks (signed)
Inks Mike Gustovich (signed)

1 page foreword, introduction, preface, afterword "Fine-Tuning The Machine"

Synopsis A brief intro to the new Justice Machine.
Script Mark Ellis
Letters typeset

24 page Justice Machine story "Crossroads"

Characters The Justice Machine [Challenger [Jaiime Conrad]; Diviner [Tessei Molleng A-Conrad]; Blazer [Mitrian Fynn]; Demon [Gabel Nevin]; Titan [Jemin Osk]; Talisman]; Youthquake [Robert Maxinor]; Ms. Liberty; Maxinor; the Free Force [Night Owl; Havoc; Controller]; Mr. Hamilton; Jenny Hamilton, Mr. Hamilton‘s daughter; Mrs. Smith; Larson, a U.S. government agent; Jubal Woolcott; Meiko, Woolcott’s chauffeur
Synopsis As the Justice Machine and friends help Jaiime celebrate his 55th birthday, New Atlantis is invaded by U.S. soldiers using Georwellian technology. As the soldiers take the Justice Machine into custody -- as illegal aliens-- Mr. Hamilton destroys New Atlantis.
Genre superhero
Script David Lawrence; Mark Ellis
Pencils Darryl Banks
Inks Mike Gustovich
Colors Valerie Gustovich
Letters Mike Gustovich