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Issue Details

Issue #15
Published July 1990
Cover Price 1.25 USD
Pages 36
Editing Craig Anderson

Cover Details - "What if the Fantastic Four had Lost the Trial of Galactus"

Genre superhero
Pencils Greg Capullo
Inks Sam de la Rosa

28 page Fantastic Four story "What If the Trial of Galactus had Ended in Reed Richard's Execution"

Characters Watcher; Fantastic Four; Mr. Fantastic; Human Torch; Thing; Invisible Woman; Gladiator; Shiar; Lilandra; Skrulls; Cameo by Galactus; Nova (Frankie Raye); Imperial Guard; Badoon; Kree; Rigellians; Punisher; Wolverine; Daredevil; Thor; Avengers; Spider-Man
Synopsis Mr. Fantastic loses trial when Galactus doesn't help him. The FF accidently destroy the Shiar homeworld.
Genre superhero
Script Roy Thomas (writer and co-plotter); Jean-Marc Lofficier [as R.J.M. Lofficier](co-plotter); Randy Lofficier [as R.J.M. Lofficier](co-plotter)
Pencils Greg Capullo
Inks Sam de la Rosa
Colors Tom Vincent
Letters Gary Fields
Notes Corrected page count reported to error list from person only identifying himself as Mike (November 22, 2008). Originally credited as 24 pages.
Reprinted in Star Magazine (Edizioni Star Comics, 1990 series) #29