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Issue Details

Issue #2
Published July 1990
Cover Price 1.50 USD
Pages 36
Editing Mike Gold; Katie Main (Development Associate)

Cover Details - "Byth: Wanted"

Characters Hawkman; Hawkwoman; Byth
Genre superhero
Pencils Graham Nolan
Inks Graham Nolan

24 page Hawkworld story "Enter...Hawkman"

Characters Hawkman; Hawkwoman; Darl Klus; Byth
Synopsis Katar and Shayera arrive on Earth, greeted by Thanagar's Earth embassador Darl Klus; settle in Chicago; Darl & Byth meet; hawks patrol with Chicago police; drug Krotan changes humans into freaks.
Genre superhero
Script John Ostrander; Timothy Truman
Pencils Graham Nolan
Inks Graham Nolan
Colors Sam Parsons
Letters Tim Harkins