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Issue Details

Issue #14
Published December 1990
Cover Price 1.75 USD; 2.25 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Tony Caputo (Editor in chief); Katherine Llewellyn (Editor); Diane Piron (Assistant editor)
Notes Cover bears the incorrect date of Feb. (1991), given the date in indicia and those of previous issues.

Cover Details

Characters Green Hornet IV; Kato II
Genre Superhero; Crime
Pencils Norm Breyfogle (painting) (signed)
Inks Norm Breyfogle (painting) (signed)
Colors Norm Breyfogle (painting) (signed)
Notes Cover bears the incorrect date of Feb. (1991), given the date in indicia and those of previous issues.

22 page Green Hornet story "Ground Zero"

Characters Green Army assault team; Green Hornet IV [Paul Reid]; Nancy McKenna; Kato II [Hayashi Kato]; Various Green Army personnel, including "Commander Riot"; Corey White; D.A. Diana Reid; Jerry Taylor (killed in this story); Police and U.S. Army helicopter crews; Britt Reid II; Lenore C. Reid; A TV news reporter
Synopsis Continued from last issue: Pretending to intend to sell the information back to the authorities, the Hornet gets McKenna's story. He and Kato take the Black Beauty on the road while Jerry lifts off in the Black Stinger, to save the World Business Conference from the Green Army. However, U.S. Army helicopter crews assume the Stinger is one of the attackers and open fire upon it. With his firing control consequently disabled, the only way Jerry can stop Commander Riot's escape is by ramming him, at the cost of both the Stinger and his own life.
Genre Crime; super-hero
Script Dave Darrigo (Story); Dave Darrigo & Diane M. Piron (Script)
Pencils Tod Smith
Inks David Mowry
Colors The Hornettes
Letters (Patrick) Williams, (Joseph) Allen
Notes Next chronological appearance: The Green Hornet: Solitary Sentinel (NOW Comics, 1992 series), #1, December 1992.

2 page The Buzz Word letters page

Characters Jerry Taylor ("voice")
Synopsis Letters from J.R. Hodges, Tom Davison, Kim L. Neidigh, Eric Delano, Terri Holzbach and Eric Brooks, with editorial responses.
Script Diane Piron; Dave Darrigo & Diane Piron (reprinted panel)
Pencils Tod Smith
Inks David Mowry
Letters Typeset; Williams & Allen (reprinted panel)
Notes In her reply to Davison, Piron says, "As of next ish, I'll be taking over sole writing chores," but instead NOW ceased operations for approximately nine months, and neither she nor editor Katherine Llewellyn were present (at least on the revived version of this property) when the company resumed publishing; the entire feature has a faint yellow background, except for the reprinted panel which has a dark green one.
Reprinted from this issue's sequence 1--page 20, panel 2, in b/w.

Half page NOW ON SALE promo (ad from the publisher)

Synopsis Listings for five then current NOW publications and four "coming soon," with creative talent credits and synopses.
Letters Typeset
Notes 1: At this point NOW ceased operations for some nine months, and it is unclear if any of the material described in the four "coming soon" entries was ever published, though certainly not in the issues indicated: Slimer #20, Ralph Snart Adventures #27, Twilight Zone #2 and Speed Racer #39; of these, NOW published only a TZ #2, but the description in its GCD index does not match the one given here. 2: The feature has a dark blue background and appeared in most NOW releases of this cover date. 3: The bottom half of the page is a paid ad.

1 page text article "Dedicated to Nanette....."

Synopsis The personal reminiscences of NOW's founder, and how he came to do so.
Script Tony Caputo
Letters Typeset
Notes The title refers to Caputo's wife; the entire feature has a blue background and appears on the last interior page of most NOW releases of this cover date; the standard staff list failed to appear this month.