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Issue Details

Issue #6
Published February 1992
Cover Price $1.95
Pages 36
Editing Tony Caputo (Editor in chief); Joan M. Weis (Editor)

Cover Details

Characters Green Hornet IV; Kato II
Genre Superhero; Crime
Pencils Michael Davis (painted)
Inks Michael Davis
Colors Michael Davis
Letters typeset

24 page The Green Hornet story "The Wall"

Characters Green Hornet IV; Kato II
Synopsis An enormous man, sporting rural clothes and speech pattern, appears on the streets and announces that he is looking for drugs. Directed to a pusher, he demands HIS connection and beats the information out of him, dispatching with amazing ease those who come to the dealer's aid. He continues violently up the line of narcotics distribution, and word of him and his actions soon spreads. Before the Green Hornet can intercede (problems caused by the Black Beauty's very distinctive appearance having slowed him down, and strengthened his resolve to replace her), the huge "hick" and a major crime boss have killed each other, the latter's death causing a power vacuum in the city's underworld. The rube, it turns out, was seeking vengeance for the overdose death of his sister who had gone to the city for higher education but become an addict.
Genre Superhero; Crime
Script Chuck Dixon
Pencils Tod Smith
Inks David Mowry
Colors Joseph Allen
Letters Joseph Allen

1 page The Buzz Word letters page

Script Joan M. Weis
Letters Typeset

1 page NOW Newsflash promo (ad from the publisher)

Synopsis A text essay about NOW Comics being represented at several conventions of the time, an "On sale now" list of five comics with writer/artist teams and story synopses, and the last panel from Tales of the Green Hornet Vol. 2, #2, page 2, in black and white with an additional thought balloon as a gag.
Script Tony Caputo
Letters Typeset