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Issue Details

Issue #84
Published October 1997
Cover Price 1.99
Pages 36

Cover Details

Characters Spider-Man, Juggernaut
Pencils John Romita Jr.
Inks Scott Hanna
Letters Comicraft

22 page Spider-Man story "Nothing Stops the Juggernaut!"

Characters Spider-Man, Juggernaut, Devon Lewis, Mary Jane Parker
Synopsis The Juggernaut, in New York City to deliver a sword to his employers (see Incredible Hulk #457), picks a fight with Spider-Man
Genre superhero
Script Howard Mackie
Pencils John Romita Jr.
Inks Scott Hanna
Colors Gregory Wright
Letters Richard Starkings, Kiff Scholl, Comicraft
Editing Bob Harras (editor-in-chief), Ralph Macchio, Matt Hicks (assistant editor)
Notes The Juggernaut appears in this story between pages 19 and 21 of Incredible Hulk #457

2 page letters page "Crawl Space"