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Issue Details

Issue #33
Published April 1994
Cover Price 1.25
Pages 36
Editing Bob Harras

Cover Details - "Child's Play Part 3"

Characters Cable; Shatterstar; Warpath; Fitzroy
Genre superhero
Pencils Tony Daniel
Inks Jon Holdredge

23 page X-Force story "Child's Play Part 3: Rules Were Made to Be Broken"

Characters FEATURE: X-Force--Cable; Domino; Cannonball; Rictor; Warpath; Shatterstar; Siryn; Boomer; GUESTS: Magma; Empath; Dani Moonstar; Karma; Paige Guthrie; New Warriors--Justice; Firestar; Nova; Night Thrasher; Speedball; Namorita; Rage; Silhouette; VILLAINS: Trevor Fitzroy; Bantam; Shinobi Shaw; Graydon Creed; Siena Blaze; Gamesmaster
Genre superhero
Script Fabian Nicieza
Pencils Tony Daniel
Inks Jon Holdredge
Colors Marie Javins
Letters Chris Eliopoulos
Notes Continued from New Warriors #45; Continued in New Warriors #46