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Issue Details

Issue #6
Published September 1994
Cover Price 3.95
Pages 68
Editing Kelly Corvese (editor); Jaye Gardner (Assistant Editor); Bob Harras (Groups Editor)

Cover Details

Characters Cyclops; Havok; Jean Grey; Sauron
Genre superhero
Pencils Kerry Gammill
Inks Dan Panosian

46 page X-Men story "Primal Scream"

Characters X-Men (Cyclops; Jean Grey); Havok; Polaris; Nereel; Sauron; Savage Land Mutates (Barbarus; Forearm; Worm; Whiteout; Lupo; Brainchild); In Cameo: Angel; Beast (both fb)
Synopsis The X-Men rescue Havok from the Savage Land.
Genre superhero
Script John Francis Moore
Pencils Paul Smith (Storyboard); Mandel Alves Flor; Fabio Laguna; Al Rio; Eddie Wagner
Inks Ralph Cabrera; Keith Champagne; John Lowe; Mark McKenna; Al Milgrom; Joe Rubinstein; Tim Townsend
Colors Joe Agostinelli; Ariane Lenshoek; Mel Sanchez; Andrew Triana; Matt Webb
Letters Steve Dutro; Bill Oakley; Richard Starkings
Notes The credits do not indicate who did what pages.

1 page X-Men illustration "X-Men Gallery"

Characters Wolverine
Genre superhero
Pencils Jae Lee
Inks Jae Lee

1 page X-Men illustration "The Original X-Men"

Characters X-Men (Beast; Archangel; Cyclops; Iceman; Jean Grey)
Genre superhero
Pencils Gary Frank
Inks Cam Smith

1 page X-Men illustration "Rogue"

Characters Rogue
Genre superhero
Pencils Tom Grummett
Inks Dan Panosian

1 page X-Men illustration "Colossus/Magneto"

Characters Magneto; Colossus
Genre superhero
Pencils Mike McKone
Inks Mark McKenna

1 page X-Men illustration "Archangel/Psylocke"

Characters Archangel; Psylocke
Genre superhero
Pencils Scott McDaniel
Inks Scott McDaniel

1 page X-Men illustration "Longshot"

Characters Longshot
Genre superhero
Pencils Doug Alexander
Inks Doug Alexander
Colors Doug Alexander
Notes Painted art

1 page X-Men illustration "Cyclops/Phoenix"

Characters Cyclops; Phoenix (Jean Grey)
Genre superhero
Pencils Stuart Immonen
Inks Stuart Immonen

1 page X-Men illustration "Generation X"

Characters Generation X (White Queen; Banshee; Penance; Skin; Jubilee; Husk; Synch; Mondo)
Genre superhero
Pencils Bryan Hitch
Inks Cam Smith