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Issue Details

Issue #0
Published October 1994
Cover Price 1.50 USD; 2.10 CAD
Pages 36
Editing KC Carlson; Mike McAvennie (Assistant Editor)

Cover Details

Characters Cosmic Boy; Live Wire; Saturn Girl; Appartition; Triad
Genre Superhero
Pencils Jeffrey Moy (signed)
Inks Karl Story (signed)

22 page Legion of Super-Heroes story "Close Encounters"

Characters Legion of Super-Heroes [Cosmic Boy; Live Wire; Saturn Girl; Appartition [Tinya Wazzo]; Triad [Luornu Durgo]; Brainiac 5 [Querl Dox]; XS [Jenni Ognats]; Kid Quantum; Invisible Kid [Lyle Norg]; Chameleon; Leviathan [Gim Allon]]; R. J. Brande; Marla Latham; Roderick Doyle; President Chu; Winema Wazzo; Javan; Erickson; Davido; Star Boy; Atmos; Gigi Cusimano
Synopsis After the first three Legionnaires are presented to the assembled United Planets, several more members are drafted into service.
Genre superhero
Script Mark Waid (plot); Tom McCraw (plot; words)
Pencils Jeffrey Moy
Inks Ron Boyd
Colors Tom McCraw
Letters Pat Brosseau
Reprinted in Legion of Super-Heroes: The Beginning of Tomorrow (DC, 1999 series) #nn