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Issue Details

Issue #1
Published November 1999
Cover Price 2.99
Pages 60
Editing Tom Brevoort; Bob Harras (Editor in chief)
Notes The cover has a fold-out ad.

Cover Details - "Avengers Assemble!"

Characters Wonder Man; Scarlet Witch; Tigra; Ant-Man; Hawkeye; The Wasp
Genre Superhero
Pencils Mike Weringo (after Gregg)
Inks Richard Case?
Colors Paul Mounts
Notes The cover has a fold-out ad.

37 page Avengers story "The Ultimate Creation"

Characters Tigra; Hawkeye; Black Panther; Wasp; Ant-Man; Dr Foster; Jarvis; Wonder Man; Scarlet Witch; Ultron; Agent Sikorsky
Synopsis Ant-Man accidently creates Ultron in his lab, and puts half the Avengers in the hospital in the process.
Genre Superhero
Script Ty Templeton; Eric Lewald (Story Consultant)
Pencils Derec Aucoin
Inks Walden Wong
Colors Kevin Tinsley
Letters Sharpefont; Paul Tutrone

8 page Spider-Man public service announcement "Fast Lane Part 1 of 4 Media Blitz!"

Genre Superhero
Script Glenn Herdling
Pencils Gregg Schigiel
Inks Richard Case
Colors Paul Mounts
Letters Chris Dickey
Editing Michael Stewart; Steve Behling
Notes A Public Service storyline that ran in the middle of all Marvel books for four months. This PSA was subsidized by the US Government.

2 page Avengers text article "Assembling The Avengers"

Genre Superhero
Script Rob Allstetter
Notes Coverage of the new animated series soon to be airing, including an overview of the first season episodes.