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Issue Details

Issue #260
Published May 1959
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Editing Mort Weisinger

Cover Details - "The Kent's Second Super Son!"

Characters Vidal; Ma Kent; Pa Kent
Genre superhero
Pencils Curt Swan
Inks Stan Kaye

12 page Superboy story "The Kents' Second Super-Son"

Characters Ma Kent; Pa Kent; Vidal; Lana Lang
Synopsis Vidal, a Superboy from another planet, takes Superboy's place on Earth while he's away on a space mission.
Genre superhero
Script Jerry Coleman
Pencils John Sikela
Inks John Sikela
Notes Writer id by Martin O'Hearn. Mistakenly included on Otto Binder's list of stories.
Reprinted in Superboy (DC, 1949 series) #129 (May 1966)

1 page Peg filler

Genre teen; humor
Script Henry Boltinoff
Pencils Henry Boltinoff
Inks Henry Boltinoff
Letters Henry Boltinoff

1 page public service announcement "Do You Make Life Hard For Yourself?"

Genre Fact
Script Jack Schiff
Pencils Bernard Baily
Inks Bernard Baily

7 page Aquaman story "How Aquaman Got His Powers!"

Characters Atlantis; Aquaman [Arthur Curry] (Origin); Atlanna (Flashback); Tom Curry (Flashback); Commander Haskel
Synopsis Aquaman stops the U.S. Navy from testing atomic depth charges and recounts his origin to Commander Haskel.
Genre superhero
Script Robert Bernstein
Pencils Ramona Fradon
Inks Ramona Fradon
Notes Earth 1 origin of Aquaman, substantially different from More Fun Comics version.
Reprinted in 80 Page Giant (DC, 1964 series) #8 (March 1965); in Aquaman (DC, 1962 series) #48 (November-December 1969); in DC Special Series (DC, 1977 series) #19 (Fall 1979); in More Secret Origins Replica Edition (DC, 1999 series) #1; in The Aquaman Archives (DC, 2000 series) #1; in Showcase Presents Aquaman (DC 2007 series) #1

1 page Little Pete filler

Genre children; humor
Script Henry Boltinoff
Pencils Henry Boltinoff
Inks Henry Boltinoff
Letters Henry Boltinoff

5 page Green Arrow story "Green Arrow's New Partner!"

Characters Green Arrow [Oliver Queen]; Speedy [Roy Harper]; Arrow-Car; Jerry Halleck; The Arrows of Alaska (mention only)
Synopsis Roy thinks that Green Arrow is training a new replacement and is going to fire Speedy.
Genre superhero
Script Robert Bernstein
Pencils Lee Elias
Inks Lee Elias
Reprinted in Teen Titans (DC, 1966 series) #38 (March-April 1972); In Showcase Presents Green Arrow (DC 2006 series) #1