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Issue Details

Issue #49
Published April 1940
Cover Price 0.10
Pages 68
Editing Vincent Sullivan
Notes Last "generic" cover. Cover credits from Sheldon Moldoff himself in Alter Ego #52 (September 2005). Originally credited pencil and ink to "Creig Flessel?".

Cover Details

Characters The Hourman (inset by Bernard Baily); the Sandman (inset)
Genre adventure
Pencils Sheldon Moldoff [signed as CR]
Inks Sheldon Moldoff [signed as CR]
Notes Last "generic" cover. Cover credits from Sheldon Moldoff himself in Alter Ego #52 (September 2005). Originally credited pencil and ink to "Creig Flessel?".

6 page The Hourman story "The Disappearance of Dr. Drew"

Characters The Hourman [Rex Tyler]; Dr. Drew (intro); Miss Drew (intro); un-named gang of crooks (villains, intro, some death)
Synopsis Rex Tyler's 2nd client is a Miss Drew, who asks that he help locate her missing father, whom she believes has been kidnapped because of his creation of a super type of cold pill.
Genre superhero
Script Ken Fitch
Pencils Bernard Baily (signed)
Inks Bernard Baily (signed)
Letters Bernard Baily
Notes Oddity: A detective questioning Rex Tyler about Miss Drew, inquires of him as to whether or not he is "Tick-Tock Tyler, The Hour-Man"! Letterer credit added by Craig Delich 2008-2-10. Writer revision from Gardner Fox to Fitch by Craig Delich and verified by Martin O'Hearn 2009-4-18.
Reprinted in JSA All Stars Archives, The (DC, 2007 series) #1

6 page Barry O'Neill story "Trap For Fang Gow"

Characters Barry O'Neill; V: Fang Gow.
Genre adventure
Script Ed Winiarski
Pencils Ed Winiarski
Inks Ed Winiarski

4 page Federal Men story "Crime of a Criminologist"

Characters Steve Carson; V: Kimola Lazara (I, D); Gabriel Torrence (I).
Genre detective
Script Jerry Siegel
Pencils Chad Grothkopf
Inks Chad Grothkopf

10 page The Sandman story "Cold Cures and Crime"

Characters The Sandman [Wesley Dodds]; Dr. Lovejoy (intro)
Synopsis The death of several assistants to a famed scientist, claiming to be able to cure the common cold, leads the Sandman into the fray to prevent criminals from exploiting that cure to their own financial advantage.
Genre superhero
Script Gardner F. Fox
Pencils Chad Grothkopf
Inks Chad Grothkopf
Letters Chad Grothkopf
Notes Credits updated 11/04 by Bob Hughes, art identification by Craig Delich. Art credits in Archives are wrong.
Reprinted in Golden Age Sandman Archives (DC, 2004 series) #1

6 page Socko Strong story "Mr. Krieger Vanishes"

Characters Socko Strong; V: Benjamin Krieger (I).
Genre adventure; sports
Script Albert Sulman
Pencils Joseph Sulman
Inks Joseph Sulman

2 page text story "A Sleepy Capture"

Genre adventure
Script Frank Thomas (signed)
Letters typeset

6 page Steve Conrad Adventurer story "The Tiger-Men"

Characters Steve Conrad; V: The Tiger-Men (I).
Genre adventure
Script Jack Lehti
Pencils Jack Lehti
Inks Jack Lehti

4 page Rusty and His Pals story "Mansion of Murder: Part 4"

Characters Rusty; GS: John Rankin (fb); V: Tino, Karl, Zoroff (fb).
Genre adventure
Script Bill Finger
Pencils Bob Kane
Inks Bob Kane

6 page Anchors Aweigh! story "On the Track of Serge Kano"

Characters V: Serge Kano (I, D).
Genre adventure
Script Bart Tumey
Pencils Bart Tumey
Inks Bart Tumey

6 page Cotton Carver story "At the Polar Zone"

Characters Cotton Carver; GS: Deela; V: Red Mike (I).
Genre adventure
Script Gardner F. Fox
Pencils Jack Lehti
Inks Jack Lehti