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Issue Details

Issue #57
Published December 1940
Cover Price 0.10
Pages 68
Editing Vincent Sullivan?

Cover Details

Characters The Hourman; Jimmy Martin; Thorndyke; The Sandman (inset)
Genre superhero
Pencils Bernard Baily (signed)
Inks Bernard Baily (signed)
Letters typeset

8 page The Hourman story "The Menace of Dr. Togg"

Characters The Hourman [Rex Tyler]; Guest Stars: Thorndyke; Jimmy Martin 3 un-named members of the Minute Men of America; Doctor Togg (villain, introduction, death?); Gombezi (villains, winged creatures; death)
Synopsis Hourman and the Minute Men must face an evil scientist, from his laboratory on Wide Island, who has created weird pets called the Gombezi out of wolves and buzzards that he uses to rob and kill.
Genre superhero
Script Ken Fitch
Pencils Bernard Baily (signed)
Inks Bernard Baily (signed)
Letters Bernard Baily
Notes Letterer credit added by Craig Delich 20082-23. Writer revision from Gardner F. Fox to Fitch by Craig Delich & verified by Martin O'Hearn 2009-4-18.
Reprinted in 100-Page Super Spectacular (DC, 1973 series) #DC-18 (July 1973)

1 page The Hourman filler "Winners of the Hourman Contest"

Characters The Hourman
Synopsis The winners of the Hourman contest are announced, with the winner getting an original Hourman drawing by Bernard Baily.
Genre superhero
Script Vincent Sullivan?
Pencils Bernard Baily
Inks Bernard Baily
Letters Bernard Baily [some]; ?

6 page Barry O'Neill story "Fang Gow's Cut-Throats"

Characters Barry O'Neill; Fang Gow (villain)
Genre adventure
Script Ed Winiarski
Pencils Ed Winiarski
Inks Ed Winiarski

6 page Mark Lansing story "General Kosta's Subterfuge"

Characters Mark Lansing; Captain Sen (introduction); General Kosta (villain, introduction)
Genre adventure
Script Howard Purcell
Pencils Howard Purcell
Inks Howard Purcell

4 page Federal Men story "The Problem of the Phony Newspaperman"

Characters Steve Carson; Senator Blast (introduction); Aldo Serald and his spies (villains, introductgion for all)
Genre detective
Script Jerry Siegel
Pencils Chad Grothkopf
Inks Chad Grothkopf

6 page Cotton Carver story "The Tree Folk"

Characters Cotton Carver; Guest Star: Deela; The Tree Folk (villains, introduction)
Genre adventure
Script Gardner F. Fox
Pencils Jack Lehti
Inks Jack Lehti

6 page Socko Strong story "Magna Cum Laude"

Characters Socko Strong; Papa Manetta (introduction); Tony Manetta (introduction)
Genre adventure; sports
Script Albert Sulman
Pencils Joseph Sulman
Inks Joseph Sulman
Notes Last appearance.

6 page Steve Conrad Adventurer story "Peril In Africa"

Characters Steve Conrad; Prof. Sibley (introduction)
Genre adventure
Script Jack Lehti
Pencils Jack Lehti
Inks Jack Lehti

2 page text story "Flash Capture"

Genre adventure
Script George Shute (signed)
Letters typeset

10 page The Sandman story "To Hammer the Earth"

Characters The Sandman [Wesley Dodds]; Phoebe; Bill Williams (introduction, death); A mad scientist and his assistant (villains, introduction for both)
Synopsis Sandman saves a girl who falls from the sky from a burning airplane, and who plays a role in the Sandman's battle against a crazed scientist who has invented the Atom-Smasher: a weapon that directs a stream of uranium atoms away from the Earth, then draws them back to pound against the Earth like a giant hammer!
Genre superhero
Script Gardner F. Fox
Pencils Creig Flessel
Inks Chad Grothkopf
Letters Chad Grothkopf
Notes Credits updated 11/04 by Bob Hughes, identified by Craig Delich.
Reprinted in Golden Age Sandman Archives (DC, 2004 series) #1