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Issue Details

Issue #60
Published March 1941
Cover Price 0.10
Pages 68
Editing Vincent Sullivan

Cover Details

Characters The Sandman; the Sandman (inset)
Genre superhero
Pencils Creig Flessel
Inks Creig Flessel
Letters typeset

8 page The Hourman story "The Plot Against the Minute-Men"

Characters The Hourman [Rex Tyler]; Guest Stars: Jimmy Martin; Thorndyke; the Minute Men of America; un-named Police Commissioner; Ratty Malone (villain, introduction); Puggsy (villain, introduction)
Synopsis Hourman has his hands full when the criminal element in the city decides to strike back at the good work of the Minute Men of America, by recruiting other boys in the city, having them commit vandalism of various kinds, then blaming it on the Minute Men.
Genre superhero
Script Ken Fitch
Pencils Bernard Baily (signed)
Inks Bernard Baily (signed)
Letters Bernard Baily
Notes Letterer credit added by Craig Delich 2008-2-23. Writer credit added by Craig Delich 2010-1-10 and verified by Martin O'Hearn 2010-1-5.

6 page Barry O'Neill story "The Taxicab Murder Plot"

Characters Barry O'Neill; Archer and his gang (villains, introduction for all)
Genre adventure
Script Ed Winiarski
Pencils Ed Winiarski
Inks Ed Winiarski
Notes Last appearance.

6 page Mark Lansing story "Lishak the Gladiator"

Characters Mark Lansing; Lishak (villain); General Kosta (villain)
Genre adventure
Script Howard Purcell
Pencils Howard Purcell
Inks Howard Purcell

4 page Federal Men story "The Coach of Death"

Characters Steve Carson; Tim Walton (villain, introduction)
Genre detective
Pencils Chad Grothkopf
Inks Chad Grothkopf
Notes Writer credit revised from Chad Grothkopf? to ? by Craig Delich 2010-1-10. The Who's Who states Chad only drew this strip.

6 page Cotton Carver story "Tyranny In Barlunda"

Characters Cotton Carver; Guest Stars: Deela; King Marl; Kargon (villain, introduction)
Genre adventure
Script Gardner F. Fox
Pencils Jack Lehti
Inks Jack Lehti
Notes Art credits verified by Jerry Bails, entered by Craig Delich 2010-1-10.

2 page Mom 'n' Pop filler

Characters Mom; Pop; Orville (introduction for all)
Genre gag
Script Henry Boltinoff
Pencils Henry Boltinoff
Inks Henry Boltinoff
Letters Henry Boltinoff
Notes Only appearance.

6 page Paul Kirk, Manhunter story "It Takes a Thief"

Characters Paul Kirk; Jim T. (villain, introduction)
Genre superhero
Script Ed Moore
Pencils Ed Moore
Inks Ed Moore
Letters Ed Moore
Notes Letterer credit added by Craig Delich 2008-2-23.

6 page Steve Conrad Adventurer story "Castle of Mystery"

Characters Steve Conrad; Don Rodrigo De Estebandos (villain, introduction)
Genre adventure
Script Jack Lehti
Pencils Jack Lehti
Inks Jack Lehti

2 page text story "Food For Home"

Genre adventure
Script George Shute (signed)
Letters typeset

10 page The Sandman story "Mystery At Malay Mac's"

Characters The Sandman [Wesley Dodds]; Dian Belmont; Malay Mac (villain), introduction); Tusker McGinn (villain, introduction); Sally (villain, introduction, Dian Belmont's double)
Synopsis Sandman investigates a mysterious break-in and attempted safe cracking at Malay Mac's by a double for Dian Belmont, leading him to discover an elaborate plot to kidnap the real Diane and replace her with her double.
Genre superhero
Script Gardner F. Fox
Pencils Chad Grothkopf ?
Inks Chad Grothkopf ?
Letters Chad Grothkopf ?
Notes Letterer credit added by Craig Delich 2008-2-23.