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Issue Details

Issue #92
Published June 1944
Frequency bi-monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 60
Editing Whitney Ellsworth

Cover Details

Characters The Sandman; Starman (inset)
Genre superhero
Pencils Jack Kirby (signed as Kirby)
Inks ? [as Joe Simon] (signed as Simon)
Reprinted in Sandman by Joe Simon & Jack Kirby, The (DC, 2009 series) #nn; in Golden Age Starman Archives, The (DC, 2000 series) #2 (2009)

10 page The Sandman story "The Tough Guy"

Characters The Sandman [Wesley Dodds]; Sandy [Sandy Hawkins]; Broadway Joe; Wandering Willie; Horace (Willie's cousin); James Malloy (Mike's brother); Tough Guy [Mike Malloy](villain); Eddie (villain); Snake (villain)
Synopsis A notorious crook, known as the Tough Guy, has a soft spot in his heart for his brother Jim, whom he does not want to see follow in his footsteps, so he enrolls Jim in a military school. However, when people discover that Mike Malloy is Jim's brother, he is nearly expelled from the school. But a quirk of fate, along with the Sandman, overcomes that problem and Mike reforms.
Genre superhero
Pencils Pen Shumaker
Inks Pen Shumaker
Notes Art identifications made by Jerry Bails 2000-2-9, and confirmed to John Fallon by Gil Kane.

6 page Genius Jones story "The Saving Scot and the Gypsy Gyp"

Characters Genius Jones
Genre teen
Script Alfred Bester
Pencils Stan Kaye
Inks Stan Kaye

9 page The Shining Knight story "The Bookworm That Turned"

Characters The Shining Knight [Sir Justin]
Genre superhero
Script Joe Samachson
Pencils Louis Cazeneuve
Inks Louis Cazeneuve

8 page Starman story "The Three Comets"

Characters Starman [Ted Knight]; Mr. Quinn; Mr. Bingley; The Three Comets (villains)
Synopsis Starman suspects three famed circus acrobats of the theft of some sapphires, but is puzzled how they knew who the person was who was carrying them.
Genre superhero
Script Joe Samachson
Pencils Emil Gershwin
Inks Emil Gershwin
Reprinted in Justice League of America (DC, 1960 series) #98 (May 1972); in Golden Age Starman Archives, The (DC, 2000 series) #2 (2009)

8 page Mike Gibbs, Guerilla story "The Spirit of Korea"

Genre adventure
Script Joe Samachson
Pencils Edmond Good
Inks Edmond Good
Notes Writer and inker credits, verified by Jerry Bails, added by Craig Delich 2009-12-23.
Reprinted Mike Gibbs

9 page Manhunter story "The Hand of Doom"

Characters Manhunter [Paul Kirk]; Oberleutnant Wolff (villain); Fritz Spahn (villain, death)
Synopsis Manhunter is hard pressed to halt Nazi efforts to sabotage American factories in Maine.
Genre superhero
Pencils Edmond Good