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Issue Details

Issue #132
Published September 1948
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing Whitney Ellsworth (credited), Jack Schiff (actual)

Cover Details - "Super Cowboy"

Characters Superboy
Genre superhero
Pencils Win Mortimer
Inks Win Mortimer

10 page Superboy story "Superboy -- Super-Cowboy"

Characters Superboy
Genre superhero
Script Bill Finger
Pencils Al Wenzel
Inks Al Wenzel
Notes art id by Bob Hughes 7/07

7 page Aquaman story "The Aquagirl"

Characters Aquaman; Aquagirl (Thetis)(intro); Mark Windham
Synopsis Millionaire Mark Windham sees a beautiful mermaid and asks Aquaman to help him find her again.
Genre superhero
Script Otto Binder
Pencils John Daly
Inks John Daly

10 page Green Arrow story "The Impossible Alibi"

Characters Green Arrow; Speedy; The Professor
Genre superhero
Script GA writer 1
Pencils George Papp
Inks George Papp

7 page Shining Knight story "Sir Butch of Beeler's Alley"

Characters Shining Knight; Archimago (intro, villain); Sir Butch of Beeler's Alley (Butch Boyle, intro) at Camelot.
Synopsis Butch becomes S.K's sidekick
Genre superhero
Script Don Cameron
Pencils Chuck Winter
Inks Chuck Winter
Notes See #124 for second appearance of both; stories printed out of sequence.

9 page Johnny Quick story "The Phantom Formula"

Characters Johnny Quick; Tubby Watts; Professor Medula
Synopsis Johnny can't remember the magic formula that gives him super speed.
Genre superhero
Script William Woolfolk
Pencils Mort Meskin
Inks (same as #131 JQ inker)