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Issue Details

Issue #3
Published October 1995
Cover Price 1.50 USD
Editing Mike Lackey

Cover Details

Synopsis Conan and a woman warrior battle the toothy tentacles of a kraken.
Genre sword and sorcery
Pencils Chris Moeller
Inks Chris Moeller
Colors Chris Moeller

1 page Conan filler "frontispiece"

Genre sword and sorcery
Pencils Kerry Gammill
Inks Kerry Gammill

23 page Conan story "Blood Rimmed Tide"

Synopsis Conan saves a girl but loses his pirate crew to a hungry kraken, and for a change, he does not kill the monster!
Genre sword and sorcery
Script Chuck Dixon
Pencils Enrique Alcatena
Inks Enrique Alcatena
Letters Vickie Williams

20 page Conan; Belit story "Into the Frozen Land: the stalker of the snows, part two"

Synopsis Conan comes back to life, rescues Belit and his crew, and flees southward to Leng--shades of H. P. Lovecraft!
Script Roy Thomas
Pencils Mike Docherty
Inks Rudy Nebres
Letters Vickie Williams

3 page Conan promo (ad from the publisher) "Things to come"

Genre sword and sorcery
Script Mike Lackey
Pencils ? (various)
Inks ? (various)
Notes Previews of Conan stories for future issues of Conan the Savage.