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Issue Details

Issue #11
Published March 1996
Cover Price $1.50
Pages 36
Editing Katie Main

Cover Details - "Is This The End?"

Characters Pinky; The Brain
Genre children; humor

12 page Pinky and The Brain story "Brain For Brain"

Characters Pinky; the Brain
Synopsis Deciding that his plans fail because of Pinky, the Brain ends their relationship to take a new partner-- himself, cloned from his latest invention, a duplicator ray.
Genre children; humor
Script Bobbi JG Weiss
Pencils Walter Carzon
Inks Mike DeCarlo
Colors Jo Meugniot
Letters Agnes Pinaha

1 page Animaniacs filler "Useless Facts"

Characters Yakko; Wakko; Dot
Synopsis The Animaniacs look at hair through the ages.
Genre children; humor

1 page Pinky and The Brain activity "Brain Teasers"

Characters Pinky; The Brain
Synopsis Brain's word puzzles.
Genre children; humor
Script Neil Sternecky (signed)
Pencils Neil Sternecky (signed)
Inks Neil Sternecky (signed)
Letters Neil Sternecky (signed)

10 page Animaniacs story "Frankly Frankenstein"

Characters Animaniacs [Yakko; Wakko; Dot]; Dr. Frankenstein; Igor; Frankenstein's monster
Synopsis The Warner Brothers and the Warner sister get sent to Austria in a box meant for Dr. Frankenstein.
Genre children; humor
Script Dave King
Pencils Cosmo Quartieri
Inks Scott McRae
Colors Dave Tanguay
Letters Bob Pinaha