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Issue Details

Issue #11
Published December 1996
Cover Price $2.95
Pages 48
Editing Frank Pittarese; Chris Duffy (Assistant)

Cover Details

Characters Brainiac 5; Inferno; Ultra Boy; Erin Shvaughn; Brainiac
Genre superhero
Pencils Steve Lightle

18 page Legion of Super-Heroes story "Brain in Vain"

Characters Apparition; Brainiac 5; Cosmic Boy; Gates; Inferno; Vril Dox; Saturn Girl; Spark; Ultra Boy; Erin Shvaughn; Brainiac
Genre superhero
Script Tom Peyer
Pencils Derrk Aucoin
Inks Jason Martin
Colors Dave Grafe
Letters Ken Bruzenak

10 page Scare Tactics story "On the Road"

Characters Arnie Burnsteel; Fang; Grossout; Screamqueen; Slither
Genre horror; adventure
Script Len Kaminski
Pencils Anthony Williams
Inks Andy Lanning
Colors Lee Loughridge
Letters Pat Prentice
Editing Dan Thorsland; Alisande Morales (Assistant)

10 page Wildcat story "The Scarred Path to Justice"

Genre superhero
Script Daniel Murray; Beau Smith
Pencils Gary Kwapisz
Inks Keith Champagne; Chip Wallace
Colors Carla Feeny