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Issue Details

Issue #44
Published April 1997
Cover Price 1.95 USD
Pages 36
Editing Dennis O'Neil; Jordan B. Gorfinkel (assistant editor)

Cover Details

Characters Catwoman; Cyber-cat; She-cat [Cassandra Cartland]
Genre superhero
Pencils Jim Balent
Inks Jim Balent
Colors Sherilyn Van Valkenburgh; ? [as Tasty Fried Color]

22 page Catwoman story "She Cats Part III: Cat Fights"

Characters Catwoman; Cyber-cat; She-cat [Cassandra Cartland]; Zee
Synopsis Catwoman and She-cat escape from Cybercat with the control device. Catwoman destroys the device when she finds out it's for terrorists. She-cat is arrested when Catwoman turns her in.
Genre superhero
Script Doug Moench
Pencils Jim Balent
Inks Ray McCarthy; Rob Leigh
Colors Buzz Setzer
Letters Albert De Guzman
Notes She-cat revealed as Cassandra Cartland, an orphanage companion of Catwoman's.