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Issue Details

Issue #21
Published August 1997
Cover Price 2.50 USD
Pages 36
Editing Mike Rockwitz; Michelle Upchurch (Assistant)

Cover Details

Characters Fairchild; Grunge; Freefall
Genre superhero
Pencils J. Scott Campbell
Inks J. Scott Campbell
Colors Alex Garner
Letters Typeset

22 page Gen 13 story "Lost In Space!"

Characters Gen 13--Fairchild; Grunge; Freefall; GUESTS: Kobeh (death); Gronk; VILLAINS: Noaamite Alien; Drahn Alien; CAMEO FLASHBACK: John Lynch; Rainmaker; Burnout; Jim MacArthur; Keepers
Synopsis Fairchild, Grunge and Freefall are lost in space and have defeated the Noaamite aliens that have captured them; Now all they have to do is fix their ship and extract it from another starship with which they have collided; Boarding the alien ship, they are faced with a member of the Drahn, one of the deadliest species in the universe; Kobeh gives his life to save his new human friends and allow them to return home.
Genre superhero
Script Brandon Choi
Pencils Al Rio
Inks Al Rio
Colors Wildstorm FX
Letters Bill O'Neil